All you need to know about pt 141

Pt 141 is also known as bremelanotide; it is developed by the many companies. There are several numbers of people who take the medicine which treats the sexual dysfunction or helpful in improving their interpersonal life both men and women. You can take this medicine directly from the factory without any middleman.

If you want to take it for improving your life, then this article is only for yours. Here we are going to tell most of the critical factors which you have to know.

About pt 141

In the beginning first, you should know that what actually this peptide is? It is not a dietary supplement so don’t take it without the doctor’s consultation. If anyone sells it without the doctor’s prescription, then you don’t take from that pharmacy, because it may be fraud and give you some harmful product.

Before going to buy it, take your time and do research and after that, you should select the safest place where you get the quality product.

Why would you use pt 141?

If you want to improve your personal life which means that the sex life then it is the best solution for you as they describe on gopeps: You inject this medicine by yourself with the drug and the main effects of it, is that the erection for many hours.

It means that if you take it, then it helps to treat the sexual dysfunction in women. It is approved by the FDA.

The dosage of the medicine

The next thing is that which you have to know that is the dosage of the medicine. The perfect dosage of it is 1.25 mg and 1.75 mg, which is useful for improving sexual desire. The medicine comes in the form of injection, so inject it correctly. If you don’t know how to inject it then misty consult with your doctor and know how to use it.

Don’t do it by yourself without consulting with your doctor, because it may be harmful to you.

Side effects

If you experience the benefits of the medicine, then you have to face some of the adverse effects. It is also the main thing which you have to know, and we are going too mentioned below:-

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • A headache
  • Flushing
  • Pain at the injection point

These are some of the side effects which we have to face if we are not taking medicine properly or without consulting with our doctor.