Disadvantages of abusing bremelanotide

Bremelanotide also known as PT 141 is boon to those who suffer from disappointment from performing low with their partner during sexual intercourse. Also there is no drug in the world the abuse of which is tolerated by the body. Bremelanotide comes under the same category of the drugs the abuse of which can cause several harmful effects and inverted results. To help you aware from some of this effects, we have listed down various disadvantages of misusing the drug.

Disadvantages of overdosing and misusing the product

Flushing of skin – Overdosing the product can cause flushing of skin and emergence of red patches on the skin. This normally happens in the situation of anxiety and depression. Skin flushing indicated the poor health and skin sickness.

Over long lasting erections – It is common to assume that overdosing the product can cause erections that hardly goes away. This makes you disappointed in front your various family relatives and known if you encounter them in this situation. Studies have shown that extra dosage of the product then the required can cause erection that last up to 3 to 4 hours.

Social consequences – It’s hard to believe yourself as the person who thinks of sex all the time. That’s what happen when you overdose the product in excitement. The regular abuse of PT 141 can cause pervert psychological traits which lower down the confidence of involving yourself in the crowd.

High blood pressure – Although this drug is known to work on targeting the neurological system that is responsible for triggering signal and secretion of hormone for arousal of sexual desire. But still overdosing the product can cause high blood pressure and severe effects in the brain too. Therefore it is often advised by the doctor its strict and proper usage otherwise you can get into trouble.

Sexual crimes – Since PT 141 is responsible for sexual arousal among both men and women, its abuse have led to various sexual crimes such as rape, and sexual assault among young teenagers. Many incidents of sexual crimes reported yet have shown the consumption of this drug before the crime.

Conclusively saying abusing any medicine, drug or peptide is equally harmful as compared abusing PT 141. Overdose of the product not only deteriorates your health but also your social image and relationship. The lack of proper law regarding the consumption of this drug promotes people to abuse it. Therefore we recommend you to take doctor’s prescription and advice about the time and dosage of the drug for getting good results.