Disadvantages of using PT 141

While bremelanotide also known as PT 141 have the potential to cure disorders like HSDD, it can also cause some severe problems on health and social life. Well its dreadful effects can make an individual’s social life to suffer while on the other hand it produces symptoms of various other disease if the drug is abused. So, below is the list of the disadvantages that could possibly emerge with consumption of the drug.

Severe effects of drug consumptions and its abuses

Rise in sexual oddity – It is the symptom that may not be observed by medical tests and check-up. But the behavioural symptoms clearly shows that. The fluctuating tendency of desire for sexual intercourse is a symptom that confirms the rise in sexual aberrations.

Unregulated use among minors – The teenage is the period of hormone fluctuation in development. The minors are prone to abuse the product than the adults. Since many hormonal changes take place and due to unregulated laws in some country they are likely to misuse the drug.

The desire for sexual crimes such as rape – Abusing PT 141 may cause over increase in libido which causes the desire for sexual intercourse. This may lead to sexual crimes where an individual fails to keep its desire controlled.

Overdose leads to medical administration and intervention – The overdose of the product can cause deteriorated health which may end up ultimately getting admitted in hospitals. The recovery may cause lot of efforts time and money.

State of sexual immorality – The use of the drug is focused on increase sexual desire and not on emotional aspect. The excess of intercourse can lead to health problem and there are chances of arousal of sexual immorality. Certain studies and test have shown the symptoms of being getting violent and unfriendly.

Decrease in social interactions – The abuse of PT 141 can cause reduced social interactions as overdose and abuse of the drug may lead to pervert behaviour.

Increased incidence of AIDS and other sexual diseases – The wrong and unregulated use of the product can cause the increment in chances of sexual diseases like AIDS as it generates excess desire of sex.

Our advice to the people out there is that abuse of any drug, peptide or medicine is bad. The PT 141 is intended to be consumed for happier relationships and not for the heinous crimes and abuses. Also the drug has been tested to produce more urge than the other supplements and drugs like Viagra etc. so it should be consumed under proper prescription.