Things you should know about bremelanotide

Bremelanotide which is also abbreviated as PT 141 is in development which intends to cure sexual dysfunctionality among men and women both. The problem of being not sexually active is technically termed as “Hypoactive sexual desire disorder” (HSDD) which is responsible for causing disinterest in sex. Bremelanotide works by directly increasing the person’s sexual drive instead of increasing the blood flow like as most of the others drugs do.

What are the symptoms of HSDD?

Unhappiness and stress – Disinterest in sexual activity and intimidating are one of the symptoms of Hypoactive sexual desire disorder. An individual suffering from HSDD feels very unhappy and stressed. Low libido shows that an individual might be suffering from HSDD. Unlike the other sexual dysfunction, this disorder is caused due to certain hormonal changes.

Lack of desire for sex – HSDD is caused due to less desire for having sex rather than physical disorder like erectile dysfunction or vaginismus. Low desire is caused due to several hormonal changes in the body.

What can help you cure HSDD?

Unlike the other drugs that works directly on cardiovascular system that triggers the physical reaction inside the body, PT 141 works by manipulating the brain signal to cause more libido which is required to eliminate HSDD.

The other drug increases the blood flow to stimulate the erection. On the other hand bremelanotide increase the frequency of desire for sex.

Taking the dose of the drug.

Bremelanotide has originated from melanotan the dose of which is taken through medicine. Like melanotan, PT 141 can be taken by individuals themselves. The effects of the drug are usually noticeable within 45 minutes or less. This drug has been clinically proven safe to use. Unlike the other drugs which may cause several side effects after their intake, bremelanotide has no reported side effects.

Consulting from the experts

Whatever the medicine may be, it is required that you must consult an expert before trying your own hands on the product. Consulting an expert will unveil the required precautions and facts that you need to know before using the drug.

Conclusion after all –

If you are the one who have lost all the spark in his life due to the HSDD, then you should PT 141 once and you will observe results within minutes. You must consult a doctor or and expert about the time and dose of the this drug